Which Christopher Nolan Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Christopher Nolan is by far one of the most famous directors of our time. From giving us such classics as Inception and Interstellar to directing the superhero standard The Dark Knight trilogy, he has proven to be not just a professional, but also a true visionary.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to actually relate to the characters in his movies is by finding at least one thing in common such as your zodiac sign (they are just so perfect). Here is: Which Christopher Nolan Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

Aries: Cooper (Interstellar, 2014)

People with the Aries sign are considered to be some of the most independent in their group. They are natural leaders who are assertive and brave. They hate to be restricted, but they can also be impulsive and selfish.

Cooper, the main protagonist of Interstellar, is an example of an Aries. He isn't afraid of making difficult decisions and constantly feels responsible both for his family and for his crew - as well as the whole population of planet Earth.

Taurus: Arthur (Inception, 2010)

Taurus people are defined by their good taste in almost everything, their down-to-earth attitude, and their stubborn and determined nature. They are sensual, dependable, and loyal, but they can be seeking pleasure too much which diverts them from their goals.

Arthur, one of the characters from Inception, is undoubtedly a Taurus. He helps Cobb with virtually anything which is why he is such a great friend and colleague.

Gemini: Selina/Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises, 2012)

People with the Gemini sign may be selfish, two-faced, and mischievous, but they are also intelligent, ambitious, and dynamic. They like playing games and usually possess many talents.Selina aka Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises is a Gemini. She is an expert in transformations which is why she is able to pretend to be completely different than who she is.

Cancer: Alfred (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Cancers hate to argue and always forgive others (but they don't forget anything). They are friend-oriented, nurturing, and practical, but they can also be sensitive, self-absorbed, and too emotional.

Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred from The Dark Knight trilogy is a character with this sign. He helps Bruce at all times and tries to prevent any potential conflict.

Leo: Robert Angier (The Prestige, 2006)

Leos are usually very popular people. They can be dominating and prideful, but they are also creative, faithful, generous, confident, and inspiring. Robert Angier from The Prestige is obviously a Leo. He thrives on attention which is why he commits so many horrible things to get more of this attention and acknowledgment.

Virgo: Cobb (Inception, 2010)

Virgos are perfectionists at their best. They often achieve success thanks to their kindness, reliability, cleverness, and creativity. They can lead others on, but they also like to please people around them which is not always a good thing.

Cobb, the main protagonist of Inception, is a Virgo. He is a highly motivated character who knows what he wants and knows how to achieve this. At the same time, he is the leader of his group.

Libra: Bruce Wayne/Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Libras are irresistible, adventurous people. They are friendly and fair, but also fearful and indecisive which can result in a complicated love life.

Bruce Wayne aka Batman from The Dark Knight trilogy fits this description better than anyone else. He has to manage to aspects of his life while also making incredibly difficult decisions in the process.

Scorpio: Will Dormer (Insomnia, 2002)

Scorpios are known for being self-reliant, powerful, and wise. They are unpredictable and passionate. Yet, they are also dominant, secretive, and even bitter.

Will Dormer, the main protagonist of Insomnia, is a character with the sign of Scorpio. He even accidentally goes as far as to kill one of the policemen just because he has become so suspicious.

Sagittarius: Leonard (Memento, 2000)

People with the Sagittarius sign are open-minded, brave, loving, and straightforward. They are achievers who can sometimes come off as hot-headed, cold, and insensitive. Leonard, the main protagonist of Memento, is a very determined Sagittarius. He is clever which is why he is able to find a way to organize his difficult life.

Capricorn: Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight, 2008)

Capricorns are hardworking, stubborn, and straightforward individuals. They are often not content until they reach the top which is why they are so ambitious. They are loyal and organized, but also quite egotistical. Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight is clearly a Capricorn. He has worked hard all his life to destroy the criminal world of Gotham. But, unfortunately, even such good people like Harvey can be turned to the dark side.

Aquarius: Joker (The Dark Knight, 2008)

People of the Aquarius sign are eccentric, creative, and innovative. They are often considered weird and may appear distant, but they are actually admired, impersonal, and love setting trends.

Joker from The Dark Knight undoubtedly has something of Aquarius in him. He doesn't act like everyone else and finds a new approach to everything based on what he believes in - and he believes in chaos.

Pisces: Alfred Borden (The Prestige, 2006

Pisces is the sign of freedom, melancholy, and sympathy. Pisces people are alluring, sensual, and emotional. However, they are often sensitive and can't function alone.

Alfred Borden, another lead character from The Prestige, belongs to this sign. Like his partner-turned-enemy, he loves attention, but he values people around him more than his reputation.