5 movies you need to watch this Halloween in cinema

Accept the challenge: live Halloween at the cinema and get your ticket to the horror movie celebration! Only between October 29 and 31 you have horror premieres, thrillers for the whole family and an animation for the little ones at a horribly low price: 15 lei!

Choose to find out what "Last Night in Soho" or how some "Antlers" came to haunt cinema. The two premieres are joined by the terrible children's adventures in "The Addams Family 2", the terrifying clashes in "Venom: Let there be Carnage" and the survival chase in "Halloween Kills". Why come to cinema for horror movies? First of all, for the impression that everything is real, which is amplified by the sounds in the room that make you shiver, and the emotions are intensified to the point of shaking you. Spend scary moments in the company of fantastic characters who put you in the middle of situations that test your limits. Between October 29-31, each title from the special selection of "awful" horror movies can be watched with only 15 lei / ticket! Be prepared for a marathon of greats - what do you choose?

Trick or treat? This year at Cinema City, Halloween does not come with any prank, but it delivers a real feast with horror movies: the newest horror titles that can be seen at the unique price of only 15 lei

1. Last Night in Soho: a noir fairy tale - starting 29th of Octomber


Edgar Wright's first film after "Baby Driver", "Last Night in Soho" is about changing the life of a young woman who, after moving to a new city, realizes that she can travel in the '60s. She soon gets caught in the middle of a crime and does his best to save the one in whose body he incarnates; you will like this movie because:

  • Thomasin McKenzie gave up the role offered in Top Gun: Maverick to appear in this film;
  • It is a combination of horror, psychological thriller and drama;
  • Initially, the film was called "Red Light Area" and then "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes", and finally the director opted for "Last Night in Soho", after a discussion with Quentin Tarantino, who told him about the song with the same title (1968) that it is "the best song name ever made."

2. Antlers: when the evil doesn't forgive - starting 29th of October


In the movie "Antlers", a mysterious creature, who escapes from the border where it was imprisoned, arrives in a small town where establishes fear. A little boy with a dark secret can change the fate of everyone in his community. His teacher and her brother, the sheriff of the town, come to his aid; you will like this movie because:

  • The film, a drama with psychological elements, is produced by Guillermo del Toro;
  • The action is set in the middle of wild locations in Scotland, which adds an authentic supernatural atmosphere;
  • At the base of the subject is a short story from folklore, extremely appreciated;
  • Jesse Plemons plays a sheriff for the third time, after American Made (2017) and Game Night (2018).

3. Halloween Kills oe when you have to face your fears - starting 22th of Octomber


Michael Myers is back! The direct sequel to the 2018 movie, "Halloween Kills" surprises Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), this time with a lot of help coming from those in the city where the horrific attacks took place. This time she is not alone in facing Myers and everyone thinks she has enough to fight alongside her; you will like this movie because:

  • You will find it very interesting to know that firefighters appear in the opening scenes of the film are real ones;
  • Jamie Lee plays the character Laurie in the franchise for the sixth time;
  • A third part has already been announced, which will end the new series and turn into a trilogy;
  • The film begins exactly at the point where the previous one ended.

4. The Addams Family  2: aventuri și personaje teribil de amuzante – premiera din 9 octombrie


It is the continuation of the animation of the same name from 2019, which reinvented the franchise that started a few decades ago. We meet again with the strange Addams family, who this time go on an adventure, more precisely on a holiday together; you will like this movie because:

  • It is a horror suitable for the whole family, because it is not really a production made in the tradition of the genre and it also has some humor;
  • A new character appears, Ophelia, whom you will want to meet - in the original black and white series she was Morticia's sister;
  • Among the locations where the Addams family arrives are Sleepy Hollow, known from the legend and the movie "The Legend of the Headless Horseman";
  • You have to notice, at some point, a traffic sign that mentions fictional locations from other horror movies: clues - A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) or Friday the 13th (1980) - success to identify it.

5. Venom: Let There be Carnage or a new round of  scarry chaos - starting 15th of October


"Venom: Let There Be Carnage, ”directed by Andy Serkis, is the second part in which we meet Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) again, after he had a symbiosis with Venom. The two try to work together, but things change after a visit to Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) who becomes the host of Carnage, a dangerous enemy even for Venom; you will like this movie because:

  • In one of the scenes appears a magazine on the cover of which Stan Lee is - wish you inspiration to identify him;
  • Tom Hardy is credited with writing the film's story, making him the fifth person with such merit after Christopher Reeve (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man (2015)), Edward Norton (Incredible Hulk) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool 2 (2018)).
  • At one point in the film, some helicopters fly over, which are actually part of the scenes that were being shot at the same time for Matrix 4.