AVATAR back at Cinema City

≈ AVATAR back at la Cinema City ≈

The film "Avatar" (2009) is seen again in cinemas before the sequel "Calea Apei" in December - travels again on Pandora. Choose your preferred format, from IMAX, 4DX, VIP, 3D or 2D, and discover for the first time the global phenomenon that revolutionized cinema, or see again the film that captivated you more than a decade ago. 

Before the continuation of the film, "The Way of Water on December 16, the first film Avatar in the franchise returns to the cinema, in a remastered version with updated sound and an image with stunning details, in 4K High Dynamic Range video technology -  you can buy tickets for Avatar here.

⇒ Watch Avatar at IMAX, the way director James Cameron intended

Avatar recorded the most sales of a film ever screened in IMAX, despite only having 300 IMAX theaters in 2009, compared to 1,500 today. James Cameron wanted the film to be experienced and watched in the most immersive format - IMAX 3D, to transport you to a world like you couldn't imagine: everything was designed and customized to make you feel like you're in Pandora.

Projections in the T IMAX theater at Cinema City use a unique technology in Romania. They create the impression that you are in the middle of the action so well because, compared to a movie in classic 2D format, the images are 40% clearer and 60% brighter, and the sounds are 10 times more dynamic. Among the reasons why you should choose to watch in the IMAX theater, we mention:

  • the technology and design of the cinema make you think you are part of the action of the film;
  • sit closer to the screen, so images are more immersive, bigger, clearer, more optimized, and adjusted in real-time;
  • a fantastic experience also powered by vibrations, powerful sound that "shakes" - ten times more dynamic than standard halls - speakers that distribute sound precisely;
  • IMAX cinemas position you as best as possible to see everything perfectly, wherever you look: the screen is wider, taller, and more curved.

⇒ You can watch Avatar also in 4DX

The experience that makes you feel like you're part of the action - with the 4DX format, you'll feel like you've joined the Na'vi population!

You use all your senses when you choose to watch in the 4DX room, where the film becomes a reality: a revolutionary and innovative technology that means:

  • incorporating ambient effects of lights and smells, water, wind, fog, lightning, etc
  • synchronizing some sequences from the film with the movements of mobile chairs;
  • crystal clear image, thanks to Master Image 3D systems;
  • as you explore Pandora, you can feel the water just as the characters do, in some of the most important scenes where the director's tactile vision is a charming one;
  • the flavors will bring the fauna and flora of Pandora to life with various olfactory effects;
  • you are part of the hunting or action scenes when you feel the wind blowing by you.

⇒ You can buy tickets for the Avatar movie here.


- Original title: Avatar

- Release date: 23rd of September 2022

- Available formats at Cinema City: 2D subtitled, 2D dubbed, 3D subtitled, 3D dubbed, 3D dubbedîn HU, 4DX 3D subtitled, IMAX 3D subtitled

- Director and writer: James Cameron

- Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver


200 years in the future, Jake, a paralyzed war veteran, is brought along with other Earthlings to the planet Pandora. It is inhabited by a humanoid race, the Na'vi, an ancient civilization that does not like guests. Jake and his fellows must fight to find their place on the lush Pandora, and in the meantime, the young man falls in love with Neytiri, a local woman.

3D+HFR is a revolutionary digital format with a frame rate of 48 frames per second – double the standard frame rate of movies. More images mean more depth, with 3D+HFR allowing the viewer to see and feel much more detail in a frame.

We would like to warn you that elements of the 3D+HFR projection may affect viewers prone to epilepsy.