Celebrate Popcorn-Day at Cinema City

On January 19, Cinema City joins cinemas around the world, which celebrate popcorn and all the joy it brings to movie lovers when they enjoy every moment of the products seen on the Big Screen with discreet and fragrant snacks. To mark International Popcorn Day, we have prepared some interesting details about popcorn, but also about its history in cinemas.

Enjoy your popcorn and enjoy the show. It's just a movie, so have fun! Martin Lawrence

One of the most popular snacks in the world, popcorn is made from roasted corn kernels, which expand when heated. It is a symbol of the moments spent in front of the cinema screen, and precisely because it has become so popular all over the world, it has a dedicated day to be celebrated: January 19th. It's almost impossible to imagine participating in a blockbuster without a big bag of popcorn in front of you - which you probably eat most of the time before the movie starts. Who would have anticipated this, hundreds of years ago, when snacking was extremely popular at fairs and carnivals?

Although in the beginning the cinemas were not equipped with special devices to help them produce and sell popcorn, the demand for it was high, and independent sellers saw an opportunity here, and what started as an experiment now means a true crunchy pleasure.

  • The earliest mention of popcorn is believed to have been found in the Bat Cave Cave in New Mexico, where in 1948 drawings depicting the preparation of popcorn were discovered. Archaeologists are quick to point out that popcorn dates back to 6700 BC, with findings from Peru suggesting representations of corn cobs strewn with swollen pips.
  •  In 1519, explorer Hernán Cortés tasted popcorn for the first time after arriving in Mexico.
  • In 1885, the first commercial popcorn machine was invented in America by Charles Cretor
  • In 1893, the first mobile popcorn machine was launched, which began to roam the streets to provide popcorn to passersby growers, which led to an increase in interest in this food and later made it available in cinemas.
  • In the age of silent films, popcorn was not a popular snack, but this work was about to change with the advent of dialogue films in 1927, a time when watching movies became accessible to anyone. The period also coincided with the Great Depression, when people were looking for a way to have fun and relax, which they found in the movies.
  • In 1938, Glen W. Dickson, a movie owner, installed a popcorn machine in the hallways of his location. As the decision proves to be a success, the trend is spreading rapidly.
  • Before World War II, cinemas used only coconut oil for popcorn preparation, but as imports from the Philippines would be affected, a real challenge began to find a suitable oil alternative for cooking.

Even after the light goes out in the movie theater, the smell of fresh, warm, and crunchy popcorn is still noticeable and enticing. on the BIG SCREEN. Do you finish popcorn before the movie or wait? Do you share it with someone or is the portion just for you?

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